Just scroll with it

The fold is dead!

A previous art director always use to tell me to think of what was going above the fold. The fold! In my opinion the fold is DEAD. In this day and age of mobile devices surely we are up to speed with scrolling. Sure the scroll has its place but it’s not what it use to be.

The term fold came from the newspaper industry where headlines were place above the fold of the paper to catch the readers attention. You can see how the fold would be important in this respect.

What does “above the fold” mean in web terms?

Above the fold is the part of a website that is first seen before scrolling, this is where first impressions last. For me it sets the tone for your brand and website, for others, you need to cram as much possible in this space so nothing is missed!

Where to now

There are so many variables these days including web browsers, screen dimensions and device sizes to accomodate for how could you possibly know where the fold is going to be for any particular user. We need to stop worrying about the fold as the fold is dead.

Responsive design is a big player in this area also. Responsive web design is essentially the resizing of your website to fit across any browser on any device with your content still legible. Learn more about the importance of responsive design in this previous article.

For me your brand is the most important part of your business and will tell any customer more about who you are than any call to action or banner above the fold. If your brand is exciting and professionally represented, the user will want to learn more and essentially scroll. Marketers should be thinking what is the message we want our business to portray and work with UI designers to create an environment the user will want to explore and share.