Reskin, redesign or rebuild

If you have an existing website and feel like it’s looking a bit outdated and want something new and shiny, you essentially have 3 options; reskin, redesign or rebuild. Below is a short description on the three options to help you better understand the process when meeting with your chosen web designer and developer.


Reskinning a website is essentially the easiest and quickest way to update the look and feel of your site. You would usually only reskin if you have recently updated your brand colours, style and fonts, this involves simple changes to .css (Cascading Style Sheet) files. Reskinning does not include any updates to your sites framework, content management system or content.


Redesigning a website is essentially the same as a reskin but with changes to the front end of your website – i.e. changes to the layout of the home and content pages. You may want to consider a redesign for improved user experience or new content areas you may want to have in the forefront of your website. Like reskinning, redesigning a website does not usually include any updates to your content management system but may include minor amends to the sites framework and content.


Ok, it’s time to clean the slate, a fresh start! What you have now is no longer working for you or your business needs. Rebuilding usually involves updating your content management system (CMS) to the latest version or using a completely different CMS all together, rebuilding also means a new design, new or refreshed content and most importantly a new way of engaging with potential customers. Rebuilds are more involved than the other options meaning you will be paying for a premium service, but the benefits a rebuild could have are endless, including better page rank for search, better user experience for both front and backend users all of this potentially leading to better sales.

Whatever option you decide, before meeting with your designer and developer be sure to make a list of all the pros and cons of your existing website and what you hope to achieve out of a reskin, redesign or rebuild.